Milltown Excavation

Our team, your dream. Whether you have a new home excavation or a smaller job we custom tailor our Excavation and Landscaping Services to make your project something to be proud of.

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Digging Basements & Footings

We offer general excavation for new foundations, footings and crawl space walls and concrete piers. We can get your site ready for the next step of your build.

Septic & Sewer

Have a septic system or sewer hookup installed for your home or building. We offer repairs and test site evaluations to make sure your leach fields will drain as they should. Insert poop joke here.

Landscape Grading

Re-sloping and/or filling in holes to create smooth and uniform surfaces in dirt, for example you might regrade your yard so water moves away from the house.

Trenching for Utilities

Trenching for underground water, gas, or sewer pipes.

Drainage & Culverts Installation & Replacement

Your drainage project can be as simple as regrading or more complex requiring underground piping like a french drain. We'll work with you to find and implement the best drainage solution for your property. We can also dig and install ,or replace an existing culvert.